04 September 2018

Sandra Alcosser (USA)

Sandra Alcosser was born in 1944 in Washington, DC. She earned her BA from Purdue University and an MFA from the University of Montana. Her collections of poetry include A Fish to Feed All Hunger (1986, reissued 1993), which James Tate selected as the winner of the Associated Writing Programs Award in poetry; Sleeping Inside the Glacier (1997), Except by Nature (1998), a National Poetry Series selection and winner of the James Laughlin Award. Other books include A Woman Hit by a Meteor (2001) and The Blue Vein (2004). She was Montana’s first poet laureate. Other honors and awards include the Merriam Award for Distinguished Contribution to Montana Literature, the Larry Levis Award, a Pushcart Prize and many others. She has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and been writer-in-residence at Glacier National Park and the Central Park Zoo. Alcosser is also a founder of the MFA program at San Diego State University, where she is a professor of poetry, fiction, and feminist poetics.




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