11 September 2018

Kornelijus Platelis (Lithuania)

Kornelijus Platelis (b. 1951) has published 10 books of poetry (the first in 1980) and two books of essays. He has also translated many of the most important American and British poets – among them books by Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Seamus Heaney, Robert Bringhurst – and developed commentary for a new Lithuanian edition of the Bible. After Lithuania declared its independence from the Soviet Union he served as Vice Minister for Culture and Education. He was elected President of Lithuanian P.E.N. (1991-1994, 2004-2007), worked as Director of VAGA Publishers in Vilnius (1996-1998), as Minister for Education and Science (1998-2000), and Editor-in-Chief of the culture weekly Literature and Art (2001-2014). Among his awards is the National Award for Culture and Arts in 2002. He is the initiator and Chairman of the Board of the annual international literary festival Druskininkai Poetic Fall, and President of the Lithuanian Association of Artists.




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