11 September 2018

Jānis Tomašs (Latvia)

Jānis Tomašs was born in 1984 in Vecpiebalga, Latvia. He graduated from Smiltene Agricultural Technichal School as a cook and a waiter. His debut poetry collection in Latvian, whose title means Black Work Gloves (Melnie darba cimdi, published by PETERGAILIS, 2016), has exhilarated the Latvian cultural scene and earned the young poet a number of prestigious awards, including the annual Latvian Literature Prize 2017 for Best Debut in Literature. Black Work Gloves became the first-ever poetry collection to receive the annual Latvian Television and Radio Award for Literature called ‘A Kilogram of Culture’. The collection also received the Dzintars Sodums’ Award for Innovation in Literature, and the Readers’ Award of Delfi, Latvia’s most viewed news portal. This poetry collection has been nominated for the National Design Award as well.
In his day job, Jānis Tomašs works as an officer for the municipal police.




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