11 September 2018

Aivaras Veiknys (Lithuania)

Aivaras Veiknys (b. 1983) studied Real Estate Management at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University but ended his studies before matriculating. His first book R aktai (Keys) was published in 2007. He worked as a journalist in the Lithuanian daily Respublika, and has reported from Afghanistan. Aivaras is a co-organizer of the festival "Literatūrinės Vilniaus slinktys" (Literary Slips of Vilnius) and he is a compiler of three anthologies for this festival (2011-2013). His second book Paukštuko liudijimai [The Bird’s Testimony] was published in 2014 and was awarded with prestigious Young Yotvingian prize as a best young poet’s book. He also published a children’s book, a long poem called The Pixie’s Child, for which he won the Salomėja Neris Prize and the LRS prize for children’s literature. He is a member of the Writer’s Union since 2014. His poems have been translated into English, German, Polish, Croatian, Flemish, and Greek.




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