03 September 2019

Katrina Haddad (Ukraine)

Katrina Haddad Katrina Haddad

Katrina Haddad (Катріна Хаддад) was born in 1978 in Karlo-Libknekhtivsk (current Soledar, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine). A daughter of a Syrian father and Ukrainian mother, she spent her childhood in Damascus. Katrina Haddad wrote her thesis on Ukrainian literature and successfully graduated from Kharkiv University with a degree in philology; she is currently a Master’s student in clinical psychology. Katrina Haddad’s poems were published in several anthologies of contemporary Ukrainian poetry. Her debut poetry book Ніч чужинців (Night of the Strangers, 2018) was nominated for the PEN Center’s Book of the Year Award and included in the shortlist of ratings published by the platform Litakcent. Haddad also translates poetry written by Arabic-speaking authors. She resides in Kiev.



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