03 September 2019

Veronika Kivisilla (Estonia)

Veronika Kivisilla Veronika Kivisilla

Veronika Kivisilla was born in 1978 in Tallinn. She is a poet, literary critic, storyteller and bard. Kivisilla studied Estonian language and literature at Tallinn University and has compiled textbooks, songbooks, and dictionaries. A musician, she has performed in medieval- and folk-music ensembles. She made her poetry debut in 2011 with the collection  Kallis kalender (Dear Calendar) Her second book Veronica officinalis was published in 2012 and a third one – Cantus firmus in 2015. Kivisilla is an author of a short story collection Kuni armastus peale tuleb (While love sparkles, 2018).



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