03 September 2019

Natalia Malek (Poland)

Natalia Malek Natalia Malek Photo by Kuba Ociepa

Natalia Malek was born in 1988. She is a poet, translator of English literature, and curator of literary events. Malek graduated from Warsaw University with a degree in American literature studies. She is the author of three poetry collections: Pracowite popołudnie (Industrious Afternoons, 2010), Szaber (Plundering, 2014), and Kord (Fibers, 2017); both Szaber and Kord were nominated for the Gdynia Literary Award. Malek writes articles on art for Polish cultural periodicals and organizes seminars and discussions on poetry, visual arts, and literature from English-speaking countries. She resides in Warsaw. Natalia Malek participated in poetry readings jointly organized by the PEN clubs of Lithuania and Poland and which took place in Kaunas in 2016.



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