03 September 2019

Nyk de Vries (Netherlands)

Nyk de Vries Nyk de Vries Photo by Reyer Boxem

Nyk de Vries is writer and musician, born in Noordbergum (1971) , a small village in Friesland.  His youth in that relatively isolated area in the north of the Netherlands is a persistent motif in his literary work. He writes prose poems, both in Frisian and Dutch – very short stories not exceeding more than a hundred words – but also longer prose. In recent years he performed at large poetry festivals, such as Poetry International and Poetry on the Road in Bremen, in most cases accompagnied by a musical act. 

De Vries’ first bilingual (Dutch-Frisian) poetry collection Motorman was published in 2007. His second volume of poetry Per ongeluk reed ik naar het zuiden (Accidentally I drove South) was published in 2010. A year later he published De dingen gebeuren omdat ze rijmen (Things happen because they rhyme) (2011), a book with prose poems.  

His poetry collection ‘Things happen because they rhyme’ was nominated for the J.C. Bloem Poetry Prize.

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