18 September 2021

Olena Herasymiuk (Ukraine)

Olena Herasymiuk Olena Herasymiuk

Olena Herasymiuk was born in 1991 in Kyiv. She studied literature at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The poet has been involved in various media projects. After completing paramedic training in 2017, she volunteered in Donbass, and was awarded the State Medal for Saving Lives. She is one of the authors and compilers of Execution Calendar (2017), a book about the Soviet terror and repressions in Ukraine. Olena has published two poetry collections: Deafness (2014) and Prison Chant (2020, awarded the Lviv Publishers’ Forum prize, and nominated for the Annual Literary Accent Prize and the T. Shevchenko National Prize). There is also a theater play based on her book Prison Chant.








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