18 September 2021

Valentina Colonna (Italy)

Valentina Colonna Valentina Colonna

Valentina Colonna was born in 1990 in Turin into a family of musicians. She is a poet, pianist and composer. She majored in literature and linguistics, and gained a PhD for research in digital linguistics at the University of Turin. She is the author of the following poetry collections: Dimenticato suono (2010), La cadenza sospesa (2015, translated into Spanish and published in Argentina in 2020), and Stanze di città e altri viaggi (2019). Her poems have been translated into many languages. The poet has participated in several international poetry festivals. Valentina combines her poetry and music in the PianoPoetry project, and hosts musical shows with Vatican Radio. She is currently compiling a digital archive of Italy’s poetic voices.








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