04 July 2018

Our New Website: www.pdr.lt

We are starting the 29th summer preceding Durskininkai Poetic Fall with a new web site, whose goal is much more than just to be there.

Several recent festival years have been quite extraordinary: they involved various international evaluations, participation in VERSOPOLIS, the international poetry platform, as well as more and more events during times other than the festival, and visiting guests – organizers of festivals and publishers, who leave Lithuania with something more than good impressions: also with the desire to translate and publish Lithuanian poetry.

We are strong, we have a great team, and we seek to become an island of Lithuania’s poetry: by inviting the most fascinating poets of the world (also during other time periods than the festival), but also by keeping track of the poetry news of the world and Lithuania, and reflecting and sharing them on a daily basis. Moreover, by raising the young generation, supporting readers of poetry from their early days, and introducing to them the classics of children’s poetry and the latest works written for them.

Over these years, we have accumulated a considerable archive of poetry that will be here, easily accessible – the amount of its collected poems will last for several years, even if we share one each day.

The annual Druskininkai Poetic Fall festival, taking place in early October, with its traditional activities, will remain our predominant event of the year, bringing together the entire poetic and literary community. In 2019, the festival will be held for the thirtieth time.

We invite you to join our activities, take an active part in them, and not hesitate to give us advice and constructive criticism.

Many thanks for our support to the Lithuanian Cultural Council, without whose help this web site would have had much less possibilities.




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