22 June 2018

Lina Buividavičiūtė (Lithuania)

I am Lina Buividavičiūtė, born on May 14, 1986 – two weeks after my due date, with hip dysplasia, big blue eyes, and a tearful nature. I grew and grew and grew into a 31-year old woman who still quarrels with the young little Lina and wrestles with her complexes and frustrations. I studied and studied and finished two dentistry courses, a baccalaureate in Lithuanian philology and advertising, a masters in Lithuanian literature, and a doctorate in the field of Lithuanian literature. I am a poet, literary scholar, critic and tutor of Lithuanian language and biology. My poems have been published in numerous Lithuanian cultural publications, I participate in readings, presentations and contests. And this is my debut in the DPF Anthology. These are the general facts – but in truth, in my work, just as within me, there is mostly desire, death, desolation, pain, and anger. I rage, I provoke, I question, I crave. Without losing my breath, without rest. At this time, the thing that best represents me is hunger – for experiences, people, work, challenges, my own life. I am hungry, I am very hungry and I share this hunger with the reader.




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