21 June 2018

Hera Lindsay Bird In Lithuania

Hera Lindsay Bird In Lithuania Hera Lindsay Bird

On July 1 and 2, Hera Lindsay Bird, New Zealand poet and New Generation winner, will be visiting Lithuania and meeting the audience. In 2016, she debuted with her poem collection "Hera Lindsay Bird" that became popular immediately and was bought up overnight.

Later, the book was also published in the UK. In 2018, Hera Lindsay Bird published "Pamper Me to Hell & Back".

The poet Caroll-Ann Duffy calls her "the most arresting and original new young poet, on the page and in performance".

Hera Lindsay Bird admits that her poetry contains generational evidence, the most striking of which are references to the 1990s. Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett: "I love her poetry for its total lack of pretension, and that fact that at times it is delightfully, deliciously stupid, as these excruciating, highly emotional moments in life so often are."

This year, the topic of Druskininkai Poetic Fall is "Poetry: The Sound and The Fury". The poems by Hera Lindsay Bird served as one of the inspiration sources for this year’s theme.

Hera Lindsay Bird is rare in the public, but in Lithuania she will meet with readers even twice. On July 1, at 6 p.m. Hera Lindsay Bird will have a meeting with the audience in Vilnius, at the Reading Room of the Contemporary Art Center. Other participants in the event are Virginija Cibarauskė – poet, literary critic and translator of Hera’s texts, as well as Rimas Užgiris, poet and translator.

On July 2, at 7 p.m. at the meeting at Kaunas Artists House, the poet will read her poems and discuss with the public on issues ranging from love to art, from Monica to Heidegger. The event is to be moderated by Paulina Drėgvaitė, essay writer and film director.

The meetings are free of charge, and will be held in English.



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